Saturday, July 2, 2011

Made it

Made it to Thailand. Probably the worst intercontinental flight I've had to date. Firstly, I'm sitting behind a very large man, which is fine except his seat won't sit up straight so he is legitimately leaning into my lap for both flights. Then, I go to take my bag out of the overhead bin and someone has a loose tennis racket in there which falls out and wails said man in the head and gives him a minor concussion and he starts cursing at me and telling me how he lost his job and missed his flight- bad news. Not my fault. Across the aisle from me is a Catholic missionary who's going to teach seminary in Thailand, and decides its his job to watch me sleep for the rest of the trip (because if his wife were traveling alone he'd want to make sure someone was watching her), and then update me on when and how I was falling asleep and how hard I was struggling on the flight from California to Japan versus Japan to Thailand. Brutal.

Enough ranting- I'm stoked to be in a familiar airport, waiting for my last flight after quite a long series of air travel! I do love surprising Thai people with my minimal amount of Thai speaking skills. Even giving them a "Sawadika" (hello), "Kapunka"(thank you) or being able to say where you're going, "Mahawitialay Khon Kaen" (Khon Kaen University) and when "Hoc Mong" (6 am) gets them really happy. Then they start jabbering, throwing some Isan (Northeast region) slang around and you have to tell them "Pud cha cha" (speak slowly!) and "My cow jai" (I don't understand) which gets them laughing even more. Some attendants had a field day when they asked how many people I was traveling with and I said "nung cone" (one person) and they pointed at my luggage and laughed, because there's so much. "Nung pbee!" (One year!) I protested. "My ben rai" (No worries).

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